iPhone 5S: New information about screen size & A7 CPU

iPhone 5S: components of two different iPhones. (Source: nowhereelse.fr)
iPhone 5S: components of two different iPhones. (Source: nowhereelse.fr) For Apple iPhone 5S appear more and more rumors. Current speculation that the iPhone 5S or 6 could on the 29th Will be presented in June 2013. There are also rumors of a cheaper version, and a device with 4.8-inch display called iPhone Mate, but is expected to hit the market until 2014. The iPhone 5S will come in several colors on the market, to be equipped with a better camera and a more powerful processor, a total only be a slight upgrade to its predecessor, however. Now is also the A7 processor mentioned.

The analyst Brian White reported to cnet.com to speak. He claims to have learned that the next iPhone could come in two to three different screen sizes on the market. This was clear from a meeting with various suppliers. Offer only one size is not in the interest of the buyer, and I now understand even Apple. Meanwhile, the Korea Times reported, citing a partner of Samsung that Apple had begun to hand over the plans for the A7 processor is not to Samsung, but at the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). TSMC was able to replace Samsung as a manufacturer of semiconductors. The new processor should be manufactured in 20nm process. The loss of Apple as large customers would mean that Samsung would have shut down some production lines.

Market opening in the summer?

As the Wall Street Journal reported in a recent article in the online edition, the production of the next iPhone will begin this quarter. Apple plans to bring the 5S already on the market in the summer. This will be expected to prepare an optically hardly altered iPhone with improved hardware. In addition, Apple will continue to work with its partners in the production of a cheap iPhone. The 4-inch phone will be made more favorable material and come in several colors on the market.

Release in summer

Gizmorati.com claims to have learned from an Apple insider that the new iPhone on 29th June should be presented. Exactly six years ago, on 29 June 2007, the first iPhone was introduced. Besides the iPhone, Apple could introduce 5S anniversary the iPad fifth The title of the event is to “original passion, New Ideas”, roughly “old passion, new ideas” are. Officially, the idea of ​​the iPhone 5S date is not yet, all other information are contradictory.

Delivery of the components will begin in May

As Digitimes claims to have learned from various sources from Apple’s supply chain, the components for the next generation iPhone will be shipped from late May. In addition to the iPhone 5S only be a slightly revised smartphone, which is apparent from the data suppliers. From the date of delivery of each iPhone component also suggests that the smartphone itself is already in the summer could come on the market, so no earlier than July 2013.

New Apple smartphone with fingerprint sensor?

The U.S. Apple Blog imore.com has reported earlier that the iPhone 5S in August 2013 to come to market. This information will iMORE hear about people who are familiar with the matter. The iPhone 5S is as already the iPhone 4S and the iPhone 3GS is not visibly different from its immediate predecessor. The changes should be in the installed hardware such as the processor and an improved camera. As MacRumors claims to have learned from Ming-Chi Kuo, KGI analyst, the iPhone 5S will be presented in June. Each of the hotel is an updated camera and a fingerprint sensor include the Home button. A low-cost iPhone made of fiberglass and plastic to enable a better entry into the mobile Apple world. Both devices are the earliest in July on the market.

Giant iPhone postponed to 2014

As analyst Peter Misek, employed by Jefferies & Company reports, Apple delayed the start of his iSmartlets to 2014. The 4.8-inch device should therefore publish Apple in summer 2014 in order to regain lost market share. Apple’s suppliers have reportedly been problems, make the larger displays. How Miseks sources say Apple currently restricts the production of the iPhone 5 to get to the start of production of the 5S in March to prepare.

New iPhones with Sony camera?

As the website says ilounge.com citing internal sources, one of the top features in the upcoming iPhone 5S will be a new camera. Possibly with a 13-megapixel sensor from Sony. Also, the camera flash as well as the CPU should experience a significant upgrade. The current prototype should have the marking N51 and N53.

New components to iPhone & iPhone 6 5S emerged

The French website Nowhereelse.fr got in recent years repeatedly parts of the next-generation iPhone in the fingers. This seems to be the French have succeeded again. Suppliers Nowhereelse allegedly each received the speaker component of the iPhone and the iPhone 5S 6th The French also claim that their sources have confirmed the rumor with three new iPhone models in 2013.

Three new iPhone models in 2013?

A brand new iPhone rumors wave from China treated several new iPhone versions. As the China Times reported, Apple in 2013 introduced three new iPhone models. The information is based on sources allegedly from Apple’s suppliers. According to the iPhone 5S in June on the market. Together with the 5S will still see the iPhone Mate with a huge 4.8-inch display, the Light of the world. In time for Christmas then to another iPhone, the report gets no explicit name, come with 12-megapixel camera on the market.

Production of iPhone 5S starts in March

According to analyst Peter Misek asserts appleinsider.com to investors that Apple is currently testing two prototypes of future iPhone models, the iPhone 5S and a cheaper offshoot of polycarbonate and a large 4-inch display. The start of production for the iPhone 5S is to take place in March of this year, Misek on. Moreover appleinsider.com reported that the next iPhone will be equipped with a fingerprint reader below the home button. The website offers, citing an analyst of KGI Securities that Apple will incorporate a corresponding feature in the iPhone 5S. Apple took over the security firm AuthenTec that allow an appropriate home button is to be developed.

iPhone 5S in June already?

The analyst Brian White believes it loud BGR.com therefore likely that Apple actually has multiple color options for the iPhone 5 in the pipeline. Rumors surfaced earlier this already. The colors pink, yellow, blue, white / silver and black / slate are conceivable. New is that White assumes a launch in June. The launch of iPhone generations, shifted in the last few years more and more towards winter, the analyst believes, however, at an early launch in June 2013. Furthermore, increases in future iPhones as MacBooks are presented in several display sizes. A far larger customer choice would be available, which could benefit the company in the fight against growing competition.

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iPhone 5S: First appeared alleged component. (Source: ETradeSupply.com)
iPhone 5S: First appeared alleged component. (Source: ETradeSupply.com)

5S iPhone with iOS 7 in test

According to a report by TheNextWeb.com, app developers currently first notice requests from devices with the code name “iPhone 6,1″ with the operating system iOS 7th The current flagship iPhone 5 carries the code name “iPhone 5,1″ or “iPhone 5.2″. Consequently, Apple iPhone is already testing prototypes of the seventh generation with installed iOS 7th

5S iPhone & iPhone 6: The best concept ideas

Many designers have already done a lot of attention to the look of the new Apple smartphone. As with the Galaxy S 4 are all over the Web concepts with a partly extremely futuristic and partly act realistic. We all have summarized for you in our photo gallery.

Market launch of the iPhone 5S & 6

According to the website businessinsider.com, the new iPhone 5S in June 2013 reached the Apple stores. On board are a reworked camera and a new retina display-Plus are. Also, a stronger battery and an NFC chip will house the new iPhone. Moreover, could the iPhone 5S as did the iPod touch in six to eight instead of two colors go on sale. The Chinese website Digitimes will however have learned that in December some 50,000 to 100,000 units of the iPhone 5S were commissioned and expected to launch in the spring of 2013 was.

iPhone 6 with XXL display?

Macrumours.com is based on similar specifications for the iPhone 5S. There one goes one step further: A generation later, the Apple iPhone rumors page suspects namely a 4.8-inch Retina Plus screen with no physical home button, but with gesture control. The new A7 processor could be installed.

The first components of the iPhone 5S

The website ETrade Supply has apparently discovered a component of the next iPhone. See is a slightly modified Rear cover. Just inside the changes are visible from the outside corresponds to the design of the iPhone 5 So seems to be the position of the screws to change. The actual number of required screws to mount the display is to be reduced. Whether this is in fact a component of the iPhone 5S or 6 speculated seventh generation of the iPhone, is questionable.

CHIP Online says:
Although Apple has let pass between iPad 3 and iPad 4, only about half a year. We doubt, however, that this strategy can be transferred to the iPhone 5. According to the company tradition Apple replaced each year with a newer model. That it comes in several colors and in different display sizes is possible, but not probable. (Mwi / bh)