Downgrade iOS 7: Reset to iOS 6

iOS 7 Clear: Put your iPhone back to iOS 6.
iOS 7 Clear: Put your iPhone back to iOS 6. With this guide, you can restore your iPhone from 7 to iOS iOS 6th In addition to a video tutorial on iOS downgrade, you can also find all the firmware versions for download.

Apple has developed iOS 7 with an exciting system that contains many new features. Problems running the beta version but not yet, because some apps do not start or will not operate properly. In our practice test as we have discovered a nasty bug that prevented to a wireless network connection.

Who has updated to iOS 7, but his iPhone needed for production use, the system should revert to iOS 6th The downgrade to an older iOS version is indeed done quickly, but you must follow a few steps. How do you get rid of iOS 7 and re-install iOS 6, you can see in our video guide.

Video: iOS 6 7 downgrade to iOS – Workshop Play Video

7 Downgrade iOS: Download Apple firmware

Before you reset the system, you must install a current version of iTunes, and download the appropriate iOS firmware. In our table, you will find all the downloads for the German iPhone version: (one)

iPhone model Version Link
iPhone 5 6.1.4 Download
iPhone 4S 6.1.3 Download
iPhone 4 6.1.3 Download